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Age UK Lancashire

Age UK Lancashire (AUKL) is launching a Digital Inclusion Project, which will support people to get online and use technology.  This will enable individuals to connect with family & friends, find out information, carry out online tasks and access health services such as GP consultations and prescription ordering. Subject to donations and funding, we may be able to supply devices to people on low incomes who otherwise would not be able to purchase digital technology.

Part of the criteria for this funding is that people sign up to Learn My Way (https://www.learnmyway.com/), which is an easy to use online suite of courses designed to introduce people to technology and teach them how to use it.

There are eligibility criteria, which are listed in the Referral Form. If you are unsure as to whether someone can afford to buy a device, please refer them, as we can find out that information when we make contact and possibly support them in other ways.

Please return to advice@ageuklancs.org.uk.